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  1. Target Cartwheel: Head over Heels or Wobbly Wheel?

    a line of red shopping carts

    Truth #1: Good marketing is hard.

    Truth #2: Target does a lot of good marketing.

    People not only pay attention to Target’s marketing and advertising, they LOVE it. Target has amassed an army of passionate social media followers: over 1 million Twitter followers, nearly 23 million Likes on Facebook, and numerous fan blogs. But even brands that inspire as much customer advocacy and engagement as Target need programs for upsell, cross-sell, loyalty, and retention… (more…)

  2. Gamification Roundup: New Years Resolution Help, Avoiding Cheaters, and How to Keep Your Kids Cavity Free


    Get the latest headlines and news in gamification for 2014! Check out popular campaigns, videos, and new programs surrounding keeping new years resolutions, how to avoid cheaters/scammers of your gamification program, how game play can transfer knowledge into actual skills, what gamification’s place is in the loyalty industry, and most importantly, how to get your kids to brush their teeth.

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