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  1. Top 50 Brands & Vendors Most Mentioned by Digital Marketers [STUDY]


    PunchTab and Leadtail recently collaborated to analyze the activities of digital marketers on Twitter to see (among other things) how they describe themselves, what hashtags they use, and which people and publications they read and share the most. This analysis was summarized in a report, aptly titled: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter.

    For instance, digital marketers use Twitter to share content from other social networks. Which social networks are shared most often? (more…)

  2. What Are The Top Fashion & Retail Loyalty Programs Among Millennials?


    If you’re a fashion retailer, tapping into the Millennial market undoubtedly tops your marketing wish list. They’re a fashion-conscious, social-savvy demographic that comprises one-quarter of the US population, and spends over $600 billion annually. Makes sense.

    But did you know that their power extends even beyond THAT? Millennials are responsible for creating and informing on fashion trends web-wide – and other generations are listening to them! Millennials know this and they wield their mobile prowess like a superpower. (more…)

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