We present to you, the top 25 gamification and engagement experts to follow on Twitter (in no particular order). We’ve included their name, where they’re from and their handle so you can simply click and follow! While these are only a few of the hundreds of great experts out there, this list should get you started on the right path of implementing game mechanics into your campaigns!

  1. Mario Herger- AICSV- @mherger
  2. Gabe Zichermann- Gamification Summit- @gzicherm
  3. Mark Golstein- Backops- @Markgee
  4. Sergio Jiménez Arenas- Game Marketing- @gamkt
  5. Brian Wong- Kiip – @brian_wong
  6. Amit Fulay- Google- @amitfulay
  7. Kes Sampanthar- Cynergy Systems- @KesSampanthar
  8. Michael Wu Ph.D- Gamification Scientist- @mich8elwu
  9. Andrea Kuszewski- Researcher/Therapist- @AndreaKuszewski
  10. Jane McGonigal – Author of “Reality is Broken, Why Games Make Us Better and How They Change the World” @avantgame
  11. Stella Grizont- WOOPAAH!- @StellaGrizont
  12. Bob Marsh- Levele- @bobmarsh5
  13. Yu-kai Chou- Octalysis- @yukaichou
  14. Andrzej Marczewski- YARS.co.uk – @daverage
  15. Phaedra Boinodiris- IBM- @INNOV8game
  16. Jesse Redniss – USA Network  @jesseredniss
  17. Nicole Lazzaro- Designed TiltWorld- @NicoleLazzaro
  18. Mark Yolton- SAP- @MarkYolton
  19. Kevin Werbach- Co-Author of “For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business @kwerb
  20. Dannette Veale- Cisco- @dveale
  21. Stephanie Garcia – Digital Strategist – @heystephanie
  22. Amy Jo Kim- Game Designer- @amyjokim
  23. Ivan Kuo- Gsummit- @GamificationKuo
  24. Roman Rackwitz- EngagingLab- @RomanRackwitz
  25. Scott Dodson- Digipen- @Gamebiz

Who are your favorite Gamification thought leaders on Twitter? Post them below!